lineage lincs


[Included here with their permission]

“Thank you very much for the well presented and very interesting report on the ancestry of Mary Jane Flatters which I received this morning.  It really is impressive and I am delighted with the thoroughness of your research and the outcome.”
Denis White, West Sussex.  March 2006.

"Many thanks for the report.  A very professional job and I will have no hesitation in asking you to undertake other work in the future."
Chris Henning, Cornwall.  January 2007.

"Thanks again for your help in this. I must say I am amazed with the speed and quality of your work. The report looks very professional. I have used a number of researchers over the past 15 years of this project but never received as nice looking a report complete with details of exactly what you did and all the extras like the photos of Skegness (a place I have never heard of before!). I am very pleased. It was money well spent!" 
John Paul Bradford, Canada. January 2007.

"I received your excellent and very interesting report today. My husband and I are absolutely thrilled with it. Thank you for all your enthusiasm and hard work.  Many, many thanks.
J. Dale, Lincolnshire. September 2006.

"Thank you very much for the very thorough and interesting report. It has reminded me yet again of the cardinal rule of family history research, namely that you should never take anything on trust or make any assumptions, but always go back to primary sources!"
R. C., Surrey. December 2005.

"Many thanks for your prompt attention to my request for Ackrills in Lincolnshire. There is certainly food for thought in the pages and will take some time to read and inwardly digest.    Once again thank you for your time and effort."
Heather Carron, West Midlands. May 2006.

"I received your report yesterday.   Looks really good!!!!  It will take me a few days to review.   I will email you when I finish. Thanks for your work."
Clark Leonard, California, USA.  December 2006.

“I am delighted to say that Lineage Lincs under the expert steerage of Jean Fanthorpe would provide daunting competition for any detective agency in either reality or fiction. Jean’s knowledge, experience, flair, enthusiasm, sheer doggedness, enquiring mind and absolute professionalism shine brightly throughout her finished product. I was utterly amazed at the seeming ease with which she appeared to peel back the shrouds of time to reveal and evidence a hitherto completely unsuspected heritage in the most challenging of circumstances. Without Jean I would still have little idea of my links to so colourful a lineage both at home and abroad yet so swiftly disappeared in but a few short generations. Because of her I am now reconnected with my past and thereby myself.”
Stephen Godfrey, Bingham, Nottinghamshire. January 2007.